Core Services

Custom Software Solutions

Software development is the bedrock of the services we provide and the products we develope at Nahorr Analytics. We take pride in designing and developing custom software solutions for our clients. We belive in easy to use yet robost software solutions that increase efficiency and enhance productivity.

Data Collection and Analysis Services

Our world is becoming very dependent on our ability to collect and analyse data. Collecting and analysing data in government or business orginations can lead to better policies or improved business processes. Be it environmrntal, social, or economic data, at Nahorr Analytics, we help build systems and procedures to effectively collect, analyse , and present data in a meaningful way. We carefully designed our data collection processes to ensure quality data that our clients can depend on and use confidently.

Data Driven Website Development

A company's websites is a getway into the world. It defines how the orgainization views itself. We belive that a website should display more that just information. It should be a dynamic and intelligent sets of codes that can interact with its users. At Nahorr Analytics, we will design a website you will feel very proud to own that you would tell the world about it at every oppurtunity.


Totalgrades is our latest product.


Total Grades is an easy to use online gardes management platform that encourages and empowers students to improve their grades while allowing parents to be actively enganged.

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